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When Aimée was 7, she met Gabriel at an orphanage outside of Paris. The two have been inseparable, and in love, ever since. Gabriel has watched over Aimée and protected her fiercely, becoming the surrogate brother she never had but Aimée wants more than brotherly love.
Now that years have passed and they've both established modeling careers in New York, Aimée is ready to confess her love to Gabriel. There's only one problem. Gabriel's been keeping a secret about his lineage from Aimée and if she finds out, he's sure it'll tear them apart.
Will Aimée be able to get Gabriel to confess his true feelings? And when Gabriel's secret is revealed, will their love be able to conquer their impossible circumstances?

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Sarah Stiles is a high-powered divorce attorney in New York who doesn't believe in love. She believes in sex, pure and simple. To avoid emotional and professional complications, Sarah commissioned a state-of-the-art male sex doll to add to her collection of sex toys.
That makes James Hardey one big emotional and professional complication. James is a high-powered divorce attorney in his own right, a sexual dominant, and he just moved into the apartment across the street from Sarah. Tired of the easy accomplishments (and women) in Boston, James moved to Manhattan in search of a challenge.
When James' amateur scoping hobby leads him to discover Sarah's kinky preference for sex toys, he sets his sights on winning her over in 7 days.
Will James' untraditional courtship be enough to capture this alpha female? A sexy game of cat and mouse ensues, but who's the cat, and who's the mouse?

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