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    Sadye Storey, Insta-whore

    You can find Sadye whoring herself out for the honor of your readership on Instagram


    About Sadye's ARC

    What's Sadye's ARC all about?

    Here's the thing. Authors need reviews to get discovered. People on fixed incomes with book addictions need smutty romance for free. So, in exchange for agreeing to leave honest reviews online, Sadye will give you a free advanced reader copy of her latest book a few months before it's released in exchange for your honest reviews.

    What's the catch?

    No catch!

    What if I take the freebie and don't leave a review?

    Sadye understands that everyone gets busy and forgetful from time to time. If, however, you continue to take freebies without leaving any reviews, Sadye reserves the right to banish you from her ARC and send frumpy furbies to haunt your dreams until you've made amends.

    What if I hated the book but respect Sadye too much to tell the whole wide world?

    It could happen. Sadye's books can't be all things for all people.

    If you don't feel like leaving a review because the book was not your cup of tea, that's cool. However, please don't hold back to spare Sadye's feelings. She values your feedback, and if you think she could do better, she wants to know!

    What if I want to join Sadye's ARC, but I can't commit to reading every book flowing from her prolific pen?

    Sign up! If you're too busy when a new book is being released, you can simply opt not to claim your freebie.

    Paper Boat to float Sadye's ark

    Sadye's Pièce De Résistance

    (That's French for Newsletter)

    So, you still haven't signed up for my newsletter? Looks like you're going to need some convincing. Lucky for you, I'm up for the challenge. Commence third-person sales pitch.

    Who reads emails anymore?

    Even if you've gotten into the habit of letting Google read and write all your emails for you, you're making a special exception for Sadye, because she's sending you a free novel for signing up, and she's ever so entertaining.

    But doesn't Sadye hate newsletters?

    Yes, she does. That's why she's on a mission to make this the least newsletter-like newsletter of all time. She intends to elevate her newsletter from shameless self-promotion to a performance arts masterpiece. She intends to resist the pristine and deliver the profane. She intends to oversell the shit out of this. Skeptical? You should be. Sadye sets unreasonably high expectations for herself on the regular. Don't delay! Sign up before email servers everywhere ban her shenanigans.

    What can you expect?

    The steady corrosion of every serious corner of your mind. Obviously, novel news is going to be in there. But mostly, Sadye just wants another opportunity to connect with her readers. That's why she's talking to you in the third person--it fosters a greater sense of intimacy.

    Don't end up with a sour puss. Get your free novel now:

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