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About Sadye

(Say-dee) (she/her)

SADYE STOREY writes modern romance stories about heroines and all the messiness that accompanies modern love.


​When she’s not writing or psychoanalyzing how Freud would interpret her stories, Sadye spends her time looking in every direction except straight ahead; naming cars, dogs, and loaves of bread without their consent; watching YouTube videos of the world barista championships; finding insignificant causes to protest (e.g., faux ice cream, house salads, adult onesies); and reading her way through the romance canon. 


​Sadye enjoys getting into tiffs with writers who don't believe that romance novels should be taken seriously, editors who don't believe in oxford commas, and 7-year-old girls who don't admit the songs from "The Little Mermaid" are superior to the songs from "Frozen."


Sadye currently resides in Florida with her pantheon of characters. (Except Frank, who took off in 2013 over a disagreement about pickled mushrooms. We're not angry, Frank. You're welcome home any time.)


Sadye reserves the right to hide her face until you, dear reader(s), make her enough money to quit her day job and bang out novels for you full-time. That's right, she said bang out. The count is on. Join Sadye's newsletter to see how many more books you need to buy before Sadye feels comfortable showing you the face behind the words.

To the curious reader, although Sadye Storey is a pseudonym (cue shock and outrage), it is not an homage to a sad-faced, post-Kim Kanye West (#Sad-ye). It's an homage to her Great Grandma Sadye.

About Sadye
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Want to give Sadye a piece of your mind?

Sadye prefers her readers donate their brains to smut, Netflix, and science (in that order), but if you must give her a piece of your mind, please make it a clever piece.

Now, just like when you visited Popeye's circa 2019, you wait!

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