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Model Liar

"From now on, no matter where we are or who else is around, if you lie to me, I’m going to put my cock in your mouth, and you’re going to suck it until the truth burns through your lies. Do you understand?”

-Model Behavior

Aimée had been living with Charlie for three weeks when he invited his good friend Julianne for dinner. Charlie had many friends, but none of whom he spoke in such high regard as Julianne.

“I am not wearing this,” Aimée said as she walked down the stairs to meet Charlie.

Charlie had selected her outfit for the evening, a strapless, pale yellow silk bustier top; a short, wired tulle skirt; and Jimmy Choo stilettos.

“I look like a ballerina pretending to be a stripper.”

Saying nothing, Charlie spun his finger, and Aimée slowly twirled for his inspection. He pulled her into his arms and slid his hands under her skirt. He looped his fingers around the string of her thong.

“Do you want to look like a stripper pretending to be a ballerina?” Charlie smirked. “How about this: every time you complain about your outfit, I take a layer of it away.”

“You’re impossible. I thought your friends were coming over,” Aimée said.

“Julianne is like me. She understands my preferences.”

“What does that mean?” Aimée asked.

“It means I intend to make unreasonable demands of you tonight, and I expect you to obey all of them.”

Charlie smiled and pulled her thong down to her feet.

Aimée had gotten used to Charlie’s bossy side. She even delighted in it when they were alone, but his demands were becoming more unreasonable.

“You want to embarrass me in front of your closest friends?”

Charlie wrapped his arms around Aimée.

“I don’t want to embarrass you, Aimée. I want my friends to know who you are to me.”

“Julianne’s your friend, not mine. I’ve never met her.”

“Trust me, however I’ve dressed you is nothing compared with how Julianne will be dressing her date. Soon enough you’ll feel overdressed.”

The elevator opened, and Julianne walked into Charlie’s loft in a black leather trench coat holding a leash in her hand. It was buckled to a strip of leather around the neck of the man who stood behind her. He must have been ten years her junior, and he was wearing nothing but a leather thong. He was big and buff and covered from head to toe in beautiful freckles. He looked like he could have been a body guard if he hadn't been chained to Julianne's leash.

“Told you,” Charlie whispered to Aimée and turned to Julianne. “Did you bring him through the lobby like that, Julianne?”

Julianne kissed Charlie on both cheeks.

“And share this immaculate view with strangers? Don’t be silly, Charles. I stripped him in the lift.”

“Charles?” Aimée asked.

“Don’t get any ideas, love. Julianne’s the only one who’s ever gotten away with calling me Charles.”

Aimée felt a twinge of jealousy that this woman had special privileges with Charlie.

Aimée caught Julianne staring at the panties around her ankles.

“Looks like we’ve joined at the right time,” Julianne said. “Do I have your permission to talk to her, Charles?”

“I don’t need his permission,” Aimée said.

Julianne looked at Charlie.

“It’s true. Aimée’s free to say whatever she wants as long as she’s honest.”

“How avant-garde of you. I love it.”

Aimée stepped out of her panties and tried to kick them under the sofa, but Charlie caught her arm before she could complete the task.

“Not like that, love. Bend at the waist, pick them up, and hand them to me. Be graceful, like a ballerina.”

Charlie took a step behind her, and Aimée fumed. He thought he was so funny. Aimée stared at Julianne then looked back at Charlie.

“Don’t be shy on our behalf,” Julianne said. “Charles isn’t the most patient man.”

Aimée had a hundred questions about what type of relationship Charlie had with Julianne, how she knew about his preferences and his impatience. But she wouldn’t ask them now. For now, she wanted to show Julianne that Charlie only had eyes for her.

Aimée bent forward. The back of her tulle skirt flipped up for Charlie’s eyes only. She caught his gaze and saw she had his complete attention. Every time Charlie looked at her like that it validated some part of her that had been long neglected.

It also made her want to tease Charlie. She wanted to drive him wild, dare him to take her upstairs. She spread her legs just an inch before handing her panties back to him. Charlie stepped forward, grabbing the panties. He placed his hand on her back, keeping her in that bent posture and stooped to her ear.

“You’ve made a miscalculation if you think I won’t fuck you in front of them, love.”

Aimée’s pulse doubled.

Charlie snapped upright and pocketed her panties.

“Where were we?” Charlie said.

“I’m pleased to finally meet the woman who’s stolen your attention. What took you so long to invite me for dinner, Charles?” Julianne said.

“I didn’t want you to scare Aimée away. Or worse yet, teach her all the ways she could misbehave."

“I’m not that wicked … unless you’re giving me permission?” she winked at Charlie.

“Another night,” Charlie said. “Let’s start with a round of bubbles.”

Julianne snapped her fingers and the man leashed behind her stepped forward, untied the belt from her coat, and slipped it down her arms. Julianne was wearing a form-fitting, floor length gown. Her skin let off a sweet saffron and vanilla smell. It was intoxicating. Even Aimée wanted to draw nearer.

Charlie cleared his throat and led the way to the dining room. A solid marble table ran down the center of the room and floor-to-ceiling mirrors covered every wall. There were only two places set for dinner. Aimée felt suddenly out of place, as though she was crashing someone else’s party.

“Don’t worry love, I have plans for you.” Charlie pecked Aimée’s forehead as he untwisted the muselet off the bottle of champagne. “Who’s your pet, Julianne?”

“This is Eric. I’m training him this week. He's not to be spoken to except through me. Go ahead and rest, Eric.”

Eric kneeled at Julianne’s feet. Julianne stroked his hair adoringly as Charlie handed out flutes of champagne.

“He suites you,” Charlie said. “You sure you’re only keeping him for a week?”

“I’ve gotten everything I could possibly desire from Eric. I’ve never been more pleased with a man; he’s a delight to punish. But one week is enough. He has far too many lovers ahead of him for me to deny him.”

“I’ve never understood your ability to love and leave,” Charlie said.

“That’s because I don’t have your possessive streak. You’re not satisfied with ‘to have and to hold’. You want to claim and to own.”

“She’s right,” Charlie said, stroking the pearls he’d placed around Aimée’s neck.

“Oddly enough, you haven’t claimed anyone before now.”

“I only intend to claim one woman in my life,” Charlie said.

“And has he claimed you?” Julianne asked Aimée.

“He’s made attempts,” Aimée said.

“You’re saying he hasn’t succeeded?”

Charlie stepped behind Aimée and parted her hair, brushing it over both her shoulders. He kissed her neck from her hairline to her shoulders.

“Think carefully before you answer, love.”

“He’s, uh,” Aimée felt the hard ridge of his cock against her back. “How long have you two known each other?”

“Diversion. Interesting. I’ll play,” Julianne said. “Charles was my student.”

“Julianne teaches economics at Oxford. I took a few courses with her.”

“How did that kind of relationship turn into this kind of dinner party?”

“How does anything become anything?” Julianne said. “I may have run into Charles at a club or two. He may have seen me in my leathers. I may have let him smack my ass once or twice—just to make sure he had his technique down. Don’t look so scandalized, darling. We’re all friends here. And his technique was a solid nine, as I’m sure you can attest.”

“Nine?” Charlie balked.

“There’s always room for improvement, Charles.”

“Spoken like a true dominatrix,” Charlie said. “How’s her technique, Eric?”

“Ten,” he said without a moment’s hesitation.

“You’ve trained him well,” Charlie said.

There was an electric energy between Charlie and Julianne that Aimée couldn’t put her finger on. Aimée didn’t like the way Julianne looked at Charlie. She didn’t like knowing they’d been intimate. She couldn’t shake the feeling that Julianne had seen sides of Charlie that he hadn’t yet shown her.

Julianne looked at Aimée quizzically, then stepped closer to Charlie. Julianne placed her hand on Charlie's chest as though she had the right to touch him any way she pleased. Charlie didn’t say a word about it. Julianne stroked Charlie’s pec, all the while watching Aimée’s reaction.

Aimée fumed but didn’t move. How could he let Julianne touch him like that right in front of her? Eric too just sat there. He wasn't just watching. Eric was getting aroused. If Charlie's expected Aimée to accept an evening of watching him fool around with Julianne, he had another thing coming.

Aimée felt an urge to put Julianne in her place. Aimée wanted to tackle her to the ground and pull her extensions out. She wanted to force Julianne to watch as Charlie took her into his arms and kissed her like he did when other men’s eyes lingered on her for too long. She wanted Charlie's every unreasonable demand, every over-the-top show of physical affection until Julianne felt her rights to touch him disappear.

“I like this one, Charles. She might be just as possessive of you as you are of her,” Julianne said, taking a step back.

Aimée tried to hide her frustration, but Charlie saw it building. He didn’t look sympathetic or sorry. He looked at her with pride. Just that look—his pride in response to her jealousy, shifted her anger from Julianne to him. He wanted her to respond this way. He’d set her up.

Charlie gave her a smile that could’ve gotten him acquitted of murder. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her against him.

“I am so enamored by you,” he whispered.

She felt his stiff cock press into her again as he held her tighter. Every time she felt his arousal, the ache between her legs intensified. She crossed her legs, becoming acutely aware of being completely bare under her skirt. Charlie had left her with no shield to hide her arousal.

The chef walked into the room with a tray full of plates.

“Let’s eat,” Charlie said.

Julianne took her seat at the table. Eric took his place on the floor beside Julianne’s chair as though that was where he always sat. She set his plate at his feet.

“He’s not eating with us?” Aimée asked.

“Don’t worry about him, darling. Eric’s got the best seat in the house,” Julianne said.

Charlie sat in the remaining seat. Aimée stared at Charlie, then Julianne.

“Don’t worry, love. You have a seat here,” Charlie patted his lap. "But first you'll have to uncross your legs and walk to me."

Aimée felt Julianne and Eric's eyes focus in on her legs. She stayed put.

“I’d be more comfortable in my own chair.”

“I have no doubt that you would,” Charlie said. “But I’m not interested in your comfort tonight.”

"Eyes down," Julianne said.

Eric shifted his eyes to the floor, but Julianne kept watching. Julianne was assessing her every move, judging whether she was a good match for Charlie. Aimée wanted to take away Julianne’s right to judge. She wanted to show Julianne that her opinion didn’t matter to Charlie.

“Hurry up, love. Everyone’s waiting.”

Aimée uncrossed her legs and walked to Charlie. She could hear the slippery heat between her legs as her inner lips separated. She quickened her step and sat on Charlie’s knee.

“That’s not so bad, is it?”

“It’s not so good, either,” Aimée said.

“If you have complaints, I can try to make it better for you.”

Charlie reached under Aimée’s dress and slid his finger straight to her clit. Aimée gasped and smacked Charlie’s arm. Julianne laughed.

“We have guests,” Aimée said.

“Right,” Charlie licked his finger. “Please enjoy your meal.”

“I can see why you’re smitten,” Julianne said. “You always had a soft spot for brats.”

Aimée couldn’t shake the feeling that this entire evening was choreographed by Julianne and Charlie. Everything they were doing was intended to make her jealous of Julianne and desperate for Charlie to touch her. Even knowing this, she fell right into both traps.

“So, Charles, how are the stocks performing?” Julianne asked.

“Dreadful; I hope you adjusted your portfolio like I recommended.”

“I always take your advice,” Julianne said.

“Eat, love,” Charlie slid his plate in front of Aimée.

Charlie slowly caressed Aimée's legs until he reached her sex. Aimée popped off his lap.

“Sorry, it appears my ballerina wants to relevé,” Charlie said.

Julianne smiled, “Then by all means, let her dance.”

“I’d rather sit,” Aimée said.

Charlie opened his arms.

“In my own chair,” Aimée said.

“Definitely a brat,” Julianne said. “How entertaining.”

Charlie stood and leaned against Aimée.

He quietly spoke, “I won’t hide my feelings for you in my own house, Aimée. This is my dinner table. You belong here. If they're uncomfortable, they will leave. You’ll be staying.”

“Whatever you’re saying to her is working,” Julianne said. “She’s blushing like an English rose.”

Charlie continued whispering to her, “I want them to see what we have. I want to show her the reason I've never claimed anyone before you. Will you let me?”

He waited for her consent.

"How?" she asked.

“Through unreasonable demands. If you obey, I swear I'll make it worth your while. What do you say, love?”

She would’ve done just about anything if he asked like that. She gave a slight nod. He kissed her forehead and sat down. She sat on his knee. He pulled her onto the middle of his lap so she could feel his erection against her ass.

“Should we give your pet a reward, Julianne?” Charlie said.

“He’s been so well behaved today. Be my guest.”

“Lift your skirt, Aimée. Show Eric how wet you get for me.”

Eric sat tall on his knees.

Aimée gripped the ends of her skirt, holding it taut against her knees.

“Don't be shy, love. All the way.”

Aimée slowly lifted her skirt. Charlie pinned Aimée’s knees on either side of his legs, knocking her balance off-center so she couldn't hide or control her level of exposure. Aimée gripped Charlie’s knees.

“How wet is she, Eric?” Julianne asked.

Eric swallowed, breathing heavily.

“I could slide my cock right into her. I wouldn't even have to warm her up.”

“You naughty boy,” Julianne said.

“Do you feel how your hot little body arouses pleasure from every man in the room?” Charlie asked.

Julianne tilted her head under the table. Aimée gripped Charlie's thighs tighter. Julianne picked up her napkin and fanned herself with it.

“Every woman too,” she said. “What a pretty pussy she has, Charles.”

"Look at Eric's cock, love. Look how eager he is to take you.” Charlie said.

Charlie rocked Aimée along his fingers, grinding into her harder and harder, building her faster than she would have liked.

"I could hold you right here and whisper sweet words into your ears as he fucks you right against me. Do you want Eric to fuck you while you’re on my lap?"

“No,” Aimée shook her head. "Please, Charlie. I don't want that."

“Well, you need a cock, love. I can feel that you do."

Aimée whimpered.

"Do you want me to fuck you in front of them?” Charlie asked.

Her pussy tightened around his fingers.

“Ask me for it, love.”

Aimée shook her head.

“Tell them what you want. Tell them you only want me. Tell them you’re mine.”

Aimée shook her head. She couldn’t ask for that, and she couldn’t admit that she belonged to Charlie. But he wasn’t backing down. He was pushing her to the edge. He was teasing every erogenous zone he’d discovered on her body, one by one until it didn't matter that he hadn't given her his cock. She was at her limit.

“She’s going to come,” Charlie said as casually as though he was making a comment about a new movie soon to be released.

“How lovely,” Julianne said. “Eric, you may watch.”

“Please, not like this, Charlie,” Aimee said.

“You will. You’re mine. Show them that you’re mine.”

No matter how many times he had asked her to be his and told her she was his, Aimée couldn’t say it. She didn’t know why.

“I won’t,” Aimée said.

Charlie paused.

“What did you say?”

To be his was to need him. Aimee couldn’t admit that she needed Charlie.

“I’m not yours,” she whispered. "I'm not ready for this."

Charlie stopped touching her and sighed. He lowered her skirt.

“Stand up,” Charlie said.

Aimée kept herself firmly planted on his lap. Charlie placed his hands on her hips and helped her to her feet.

“Aimée, you know the rule about lying. Tell me.”

She shook her head, “I’m not lying.”

Convincing him that she wasn’t lying was her only hope of getting out of this unscathed. But if she’d learned anything about Charlie over the previous weeks it was that he could always tell when she lied. And he never said something, however outrageous, that he didn’t mean.

Charlie unzipped his pants. He pulled his hard, unsheathed cock into his hands.

“Tell me the rule, love,” Charlie said.

“No matter where we are or who else is around, if I lie to you, you’re going to …”

“Say it.”

She mouthed words but no noise came out.

“Louder, so our guests can hear.”

“Put your cock in my mouth,” she said.

Charlie gripped his balls and held his cock at the base, “You’re saying that this doesn’t belong to you? That this isn’t your problem? Get on your knees.”

Aimée hesitated. She glanced over her shoulder at Julianne and Eric. Eric sat tall on his knees. Julianne pushed her seat back for a better view of Charlie's cock. Aimée couldn’t stand seeing Julianne’s eyes on Charlie. She didn’t like the way Julianne ogled him with delight as though she wouldn’t mind a taste. Julianne stood from her chair.

“Should we show our pets the proper response to an order, Charles?” Julianne said.

She walked behind Charlie’s chair.

“May I touch you?” she asked.

Charlie looked at Aimée.

“Last chance, love. Get on your knees.”

Aimée didn’t move.

Charlie turned his head toward Julianne, "You may touch me."

Julianne rolled her hands down his chest and masterfully handled his cock in long strokes. Aimée couldn’t believe he would let another woman touch him right in front of her. He was off limits. He was hers.

Charlie straightened in the chair as he stared at Aimée with a pained look.

“Did you forget about these hands?” Julianne asked.

He shook his head. She ran her lips down his neck and sucked on his collarbone as she stroked his cock again, gently rolling her palm over his balls. Charlie’s head rolled into her neck, inhaling her erotic smell until he looked nearly drunk on it. Charlie’s cock twitched.

Aimée had never seen that look on Charlie’s face before. The way Julianne touched Charlie was completely different from the way Aimée touched him. Whereas he was always completely in control with Aimée, he let Julianne lead. Charlie had never let Aimée have her way with him, completely free from direction or rules.

Aimée wanted to tear Julianne off Charlie and wrap herself around him. Julianne looked at Aimée directly.

“It’s not enough for him to claim you, darling,” Julianne said. “If you want Charles, you have to accept his claim. If his pleasure belongs to you, then tell me I have no right.”

Aimée grabbed Julianne’s wrist. She wasn't going to tell her. It was too late for words. Julianne smiled.

“That’s better. How’s that for you, Charles?”

Charlie gripped Aimée’s wrist.

“Not good enough, love,” Charlie said. “I need to hear it. Let Julianne go.”

Aimée shook her head.

“I don’t want you to want her. I’m sorry, Charlie. I was …”

“Jealous? Unsure if you could trust my friends?”

She nodded.

“You don’t have to trust my friends. You only have to trust me. Do you trust me?”

Aimée nodded.

“Then let Julianne go.”

Aimée released Julianne’s hand.

“Get on your knees, love.”

Aimée lowered to her knees. Julianne slowly teased Charlie’s cock as Aimée watched.

“You’re mine, Aimée. Am I yours?”

Aimée nodded, “Yes.”

"Say it."

"You're mine, Charlie."

His cock hardened in Julianne’s hand, surging in response to Aimée's acknowledgement.

“I'm yours. So tell me what you want, love.”

“From now on, only my hands, only my mouth,” Aimée said.

“You heard the lady, Julianne.”

Julianne released Charlie’s cock. She squeezed his shoulders, "I'm proud for you, Charles. Congratulations."

She returned to Eric.

Charlie guided Aimée’s hand to his cock.

“Do you feel how much I want you right now?”

Aimée moaned as his thick instrument glided through her fist. As she stretched his foreskin, several drops glistened from his head. She licked her lips.

“Show Julianne and Eric how much you appreciate me for wanting you this bad. Show them who's cock this is. Show them how you give me pleasure that no one else can give.”

Aimée took Charlie into her mouth in deep, hungry strokes.

“Hold still, my beautiful little liar. Let me show you the truth so you’ll never deny it again.”

Charlie gripped Aimée’s head and lifted his hips, dragging his cock along her tongue. She wrapped her lips tight around him until he filled all her senses.

Charlie was building fast. Aimée knew Julianne was watching. She wanted her to see. She wanted her to know that she couldn’t touch Charlie ever again, that her touch didn’t mean anything to him anymore. She was going to pull every last drop of pleasure from him.

Charlie pulled out of her mouth just before his release.

“Stand up, love, and drop the skirt. It’s time for me to show you what it means to claim and to own.”


I hope you enjoyed this bonus chapter of Model Behavior. If you haven't read Model Behavior yet, you can read it on Kindle Unlimited.

Friend to Your Imaginary Friends,


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