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Smutty Reads

Sadye loves writing smutty stories (obviously). The first book of her Modern Erotic Fairy Tales series, Beast's Awakening, is now available exclusively on Kindle Vella. New episodes every Friday.

Her Forbidden Love series is available wherever you eRead.


Modern Erotic Fairy Tales


Forbidden Love Series

In the Blood Book Cover with crinkled red sheets so you'll know its erotic

Aimée, a beautiful French model in New York, could have any man she wants except the only man she's ever loved. Gabriel hasn't just friend-zoned Aimée, he's put her in the sister-zone. Aimée is the only family Gabriel's ever had, and he won't risk losing her. But Aimée is nothing if not persistent.

Doll's House Book Cover with green house panels, it's not nearly as erotic as its contents

Sarah Stiles, an ice queen and successful divorce lawyer with many kinky secrets, is accidentally discovered in the act with a male sex doll by her new neighbor and sexual Dominant, James Hardey. James invites Sarah to play a sexy game for seven days. Sarah never could resist a challenge.

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