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Stand-Alone Novels


Aimée, a beautiful French model in New York, could have any man she wants except the only man she's ever loved. Gabriel hasn't just friend-zoned Aimée, he's put her in the sister-zone. Aimée is the only family Gabriel's ever had, and he won't risk losing her. But Aimée is nothing if not persistent.


Sarah Stiles is living a double life. By day, she's a legal ice queen at the top of her professional game, by night she's a femme fatale with a sex toy fetish. When her snooping neighbor, James Hardey, discovers her secret double life, he invites her to play a kinky game. James has found his perfect sexual match in Sarah and is set on winning her over in seven days. 



Troublemaker Hanna Thomson was born with a curse that brings out the darkest impulses in anyone who loves her. Which is why she forbids bad boy Hunter Bredart from falling for her. Hunter’s serving three-months probation on the ranch that Hanna’s dad owns, and the last thing he needs is trouble. But from the moment he sees Hanna, he’s overwhelmed by a need to protect and possess her. Although Hunter will let Hanna control every aspect of his body to keep his dark urges in check, he refuses to let her control his heart.

Free Short Stories

Free Short & Spicy Reads

Need a short + dirty fix between novels? Read one of Sadye's free short stories right now.  

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